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2018 Regular Season Baseball Registration

Registration is now available for the 2018 regular season. 

Registration is based on your players 2018 Little League Playing age. You will be able to determine their age on the landing page of the registration site. 

Player Evaluation Day (PED): Saturday March 17th

New Hope Community Gym at Cooper High School
8230 47th Ave No
New Hope, MN 55428

  • All players are expected to attend evaluations for the 2018 season.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your child’s scheduled time.
  • There will be a parent meeting while evaluations are being conducted.
  • Parents will not be permitted in the gym at the time of their child’s evaluation.

For questions or if you are unable to attend at your scheduled time please contact : Steve Baker at

Evaluations begin at the following times for each age group

League Age               Start Time      
Age 12                                     10:00 AM
Age 11                          10:45 AM
Age 10                          11:45 AM
Age 9                              1:00 PM
Age 8                              1:45 PM
Age 7                              2:45 PM
Age 5-6                           3:45 PM

PARENTS: please refer to the Little League Age Determination chart on the web-site

PLAYERS:  Please bring gloves, batting helmets and bats. If you do not have a helmet or bat one will be provided. No cleats permitted.

2018 Winter Baseball School and Clinics

2018 GVLL Baseball School and Specialty Clinics:

Baseball school and clinics are in full swing. If you need directions or information, click the link below:

Locations vary based on your players age,
for all the details about the school.

New Bat Standards for 2018:

For more information about bat requirements,

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