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GVLL Volunteer Program

Golden Valley Little League is 100% funded through player fees, charitable contributions, sales of logo wear and concessions.  By using volunteers to staff the concession stand and fill other jobs, the league is able to keep player fees low as well as provide scholarships to families who cannot afford to pay the full cost of the player fees.

Volunteer shifts and roles are called "DIBS" in the SportsEngine application.  We use the terms interchangeable within the league.

All volunteer positions must be claimed through SportsEngine to be recognized. This includes season-long positions such as coach, team parent, and field duty.


Requirements are based on the number of children a family has registered in the league.


DIBS Credit Requirements

1 Child in GVLL

10 credits

2+ Children in GVLL

15 credits


There are several opportunities to complete DIBS requirements throughout the season. Some are positions that last the entire season whereas some are individual shifts.

Season Roles

Credits Earned

Manager/ Head Coach

15 credits

1st Named Coach

10 credits

2nd Named Coach

10 credits

Team Parent

5 credits

Field Duty

5 credits


Shift Roles

Credits Earned

Concessions/ Grilling

1 credit per hour worked

Usually 2-4 hour shifts

Scoreboard/ Announcing (Field 1)

Opening Day Duties


How do I sign up for DIBS?

  • Go to the Golden Valley Little League website. 
  • On the top right of the navigation bar click on More+, DIBS
  • Or click on this DIBS link
  • Log into the SportsEngine account you used to register for GVLL.
  • Click into the DIBS session to see individual shift times/days/duties.
  • You can claim a shift by clicking the "Item" and selecting "Claim" to complete the process.
  • Ensure the player's SportsEngine account is claiming the shift, not the guardian. 
  • Please document the name and cell phone number of the individual completing the shift so we can reach you/them if the schedule changes.

Other options for fulfilling DIBS requirements:

While many families enjoy the connection and community felt by fulfilling DIBS requirements, some prefer to go a different way.

  • You may elect to “buy out” your DIBS requirements all together by paying $300 at the time of registration, or by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • You can hire another person to complete your shifts:
    • The league maintains a list of teenagers who can work your shifts under your family’s name. 
    • The arrangement between the family and the teen worker is done independently from the league. 
    • The family is responsible for "claiming" the DIBS session and denoting who will cover the shift, as well as paying the teenager. 
    • Wages are determined between the family and the teen. 
  • In the end, if your DIBS are not fulfilled, you will be invoiced $300.  Any family with unpaid invoices will not be eligible to register for GVLL seasons until paid.

GVLL does not want your money. We want you to help the league run, get to know other families in your community, and have a positive impact on our players’ lives. Thank you to all those who volunteer!

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