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Rules & Guidelines

Participation in Non-GVLL Baseball

There is no Little League limitation regarding players participating in non-Little League baseball programs while playing in GVLL.  Players are allowed to play on one or more outside teams as long as it does not prevent the player from meeting their GVLL team practice and game requirements.  To be eligible for Little League All Star teams, players need to play in 60% of their GVLL regular season games.  GVLL Managers are allowed to limit game play for kids who miss games/practices but if a player is at a game, in uniform, they are required to play the Little League minimum.

  • Any player playing on a non-GVLL team will be held to Little League pitcher & catcher rules when playing for GVLL.  It is expected that parents of players in non-GVLL baseball will report all pitching and catching in non-GVLL games to the GVLL Manager in current time. This is to make sure the player’s safety remains the priority.
  • The GVLL season begins on the first day that the Major League division is permitted to practice and ends at the conclusion of the GVLL’s final Little League All Star tournament game for the age group in question.
  • Coaching All-Stars: Anyone who manages or is a named coach for a non-GVLL team is NOT eligible to be the GVLL All-Star Manager or First Named Coach (two positions) for that age group.

GVLL has no affiliation or involvement in any other baseball teams or leagues. The responsibility of organizing these teams is outside of GVLL. GVLL is not associated in any way and has no involvement in player selection, managers/coach selection, entry fees, uniforms, equipment.