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2021 12 YO All Star Tournament - July 7 - 21

Golden Valley Little League will be hosting the 2021 12 YO All Star Tournament at Isaacson Park. The pool play matchups and finals brackets will be posted soon.

2021 Jim Foster 8 YO Jamboree - July 11 - 15

GVLL will again host the 2021 Jim Foster 8 YO Jamboree at Isaacson Park July 11 - 15. Due to the 12 YO AS tournament the event is limited.

  • Registration deadline is 
  • Players can't be older than 8 years old. 7 year olds are allowed.
  • Entry fee is $175.
  • Format: Pool play = 3 games, One game per day. Kid pitch all games.
  • Click here for the Jamboree rules

Click Here for Foster Jamboree Registration Form



For visitors to Isaacson Park for post season tournaments:

Dogs are allowed in the park during the tournament, however they must be leashed on a 6 foot or shorter leash and remain on the east side of the path that runs through the park.  GVLL reserves the right to ask that a dog be removed from the park for any the park will be asked to remove the dog from the park. 

Scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates, bikes and trikes will not be allowed in the park during the tournament.  Children or adults using them will be asked to stop, and will need to store them elsewhere or carry them.