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Supporting Golden Valley Little League

UPC Code Bonus Offer

Land O' Frost has been a proud supporter of GVLL for many years. Again this year, they have offered us a "Bonus Incentive".

All we need to do is mail in 50 UPC codes (cut code off LOF packages) and GVLL will receive an extra $100 from Land O’ Frost to purchase equipment for your league.

Simply cut of the UPC code from the package of your next purchase and bring it to the concession stand at GVLL. We will have an envelop there and will mail them in by May 31st.

UPC codes must be mailed in by May 31, 2017.

Land O' Frost doesn't stop there, you can visit there website for great discounts and offers.


GVLL Fielding Dreams - Personalized Pavers

Buy a personal paver and help us pave the way to a successful fundraising
campaign. Purchase these pavers in honor of your Little League son or
daughter, a coach that made an impact or put your family’s name on it.

We have three levels of participation so everyone can get involved and
create a paved “Walk of Fame’ to our new fields.

Interested in Sponsoring GVLL?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for GVLL, or if you would like to do advertising or promotions for your business, please contact Gregg Schaefer.

There are many ways you can support GVLL and promote your business at the same time!

Gregg Schaefer

Advertising - Promotions - Sponsorships

Phone: 763-300-3208