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    Weather Updates

    For Postponements and Cancelations

    Weather Updates

    The 10am game at Isaacson; Tigers vs Nationals, has been postponed to 6pm this evening.

    All other games are on time as of now.

    Medical Release Form

    Don't forget to complete from and give to your coach

    New Bat Standards

    For 2018

    Easton Bat Decertification

    GVLL Members: 

    One of the bats that was sold as USA compliant has been determined to be unacceptable. As a result, there is a need for kids with these bats to return them. If you want the background click on the hyperlink below for more information

    Easton is offering $500 credit vouchers on their website to buy a new bat, plus free returns of the bat.


    If you are interested in being an umpire this year for GVLL, please contact: Jack Deutsch, Umpire Director

    New Bat Standards for 2018

    All players in Majors and Minor A will need to conform to the new bat standards. GVLL is providing each team with three bats. If you do purchase a bat, please make sure its approved by Little League.

    Click Here to read about the new bat standards.

    One of these logos will appear on a regulation bat:

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